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January 26, 2019

About us

Golden Retriever Kennel ZLATÉ PALOMINO

We are small, really family kennel of Golden retrievers. We have bought our first GR female with my husband in 2000 and we did not know at that time, how much this amazing dog breed will infulence our lives. We cannot even imagine, that our life would not be full of dog trust, joy and happiness from our common digested time. Currently we have only male Deny, with whom we participate several dog shows at home or abroad, but more and more we use to spend our time by training and participation at different hunting examinations. The reason is, that Deny really likes that so much and it is the best way how to spend the time all together. Mostly we try to participate at several actions like a whole family as it is not just me and Deny, but WE. In this way I would like to thanks a lot especially to my husband Lubos, who loves Deny same as me and he is my big support in many activities .

Our dogs were each time full members of our family – they are where are we. For this breed it is most important thing in their life. Retriever will not be ever satisfied alone somewhere in the garden without his human pride. In terms of any training we are focused on positive weight exercises, no huge success is achieved by high pressure and threats. Relationship between dog and human has to be about trust, partnership and willing to please.

Thans to Deny we have met a lot of new friends from dog world, without them would not be any show or examination so fine.

„Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.“  Roger A. Caras